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These national flags represent our original target region of Eastern Europe and Russia. Although the Lord has expanded our scope and we are no longer based in this part of the world, it continues to have a special place in our hearts. To find out more about each of the countries, click on the country name listed below or the corresponding flag.





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About Us

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What Others Are Saying About Us


Len grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire and is the last of nine children. At age 19, while serving in the US Army at Ft Benning, Georgia, Len made a commitment to serve the LordJennifer grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia. She made a commitment to serve the Lord at age five during a meeting where her father was preaching the gospel.They met at Regent University School of Divinity in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1992.

Our History

Doulos Missions International began in June 2006 with a vision for helping the indigenous leaders of Eastern Europe plant churches. Our roots, however, go back to the mid-1980s and early 1990s, when God began creating a special place for Eastern Europe in the hearts of DMI founders Len and Jennifer Lacroix.

Len Lacroix was serving in the U.S. Army when he gave his life to Jesus Christ in February 1986, and he committed his life to go wherever the Lord would send him and do whatever the Lord would command. That year, he was sent to Berlin, a city 120 miles inside communist East Germany, to help patrol the Berlin Wall as a recon scout. He served there for about 18 months and saw firsthand the scourge of communism.

In 1989, Len felt the Lord’s call for him to pray for Eastern Europe. And later that year while in Bible school, he formed a small group of students who prayed regularly and saw God open doors in these countries for the gospel.

Len and Jennifer weren’t married at that time, but she, too, was feeling God’s call toward missions in general and Eastern Europe in particular. Just before enrolling in graduate school at Regent University, Jennifer went to Romania on a short-term missions trip to work with orphans. It was there that the Lord began to touch her heart with a special love for the people of Eastern Europe.

Len and Jennifer met at Regent while studying for Master’s degrees in World Missions. During their time at Regent, Len went on a short-term mission trip to Bulgaria (1993). And in 1995, he returned to the region as an intern teaching at a Bible school in Kiev, Ukraine.

Len soon began a 10-year career in health care, eventually managing large projects across multiple regions in what became the largest private health insurance company in the country. Even as a Project Management Professional, he continued his efforts to reach people for Christ. He and Jennifer married in 1997 and began raising a family. The couple became active in a church, where God began to teach them the relational aspect of New Testament church life, as well as the importance of accountability to work through important issues in family life.

When Len left the corporate world in 2006, it became clear the Lord was calling the couple to take a step of faith and follow His calling to serve on the mission field.

They named their new organization for the Greek word Doulos, which means slave or bondservant. The Apostle Paul used this word to refer to himself: “I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.” (Ephesians 3:7). 

Len and Jennifer with their children now live in North Carolina, USA, where they base DMI’s global ministry.


What Others Are Saying About Us 


Dr. Gábor Győri, an elder at Hungarian Free Christian Fellowship in Budapest, Hungary, commented on the leadership training Len conducted with him:
This ministry is missing in the Budapest church, and it is truly needed.  What you are sharing is definitely God’s message for the leadership of this church.
László Mézes, pastor of Hungarian Free Christian Fellowship in Budapest, Hungary, commented on the leadership training Len conducted with him:  
I believe you are a gift from God to me. Something has got to change in the way the church makes disciples and I believe that what you are bringing is going to be key.
Dr. Máté Kerekes, youth group leader at Hungarian Free Christian Fellowship in Budapest, Hungary, commented on our weekend training seminar:
I just want to thank you for the weekend we've spent together. It was very inspiring for me, and I've been thinking about it since then. I've already started a [Life Transformation Group]. It's challenging. I think your message is foundational. I've never heard such a practical teaching. You are a great presenter.

It was good to see that you practice what you teach.  Actually I think the mainstay of your teaching was the practical part. The first part, the vision, the multiplication, the movements were interesting, and stirring. But we are already hungry for what God would do here, and we want to see the body of Christ growing.  Once more, I wanted to thank you for everything.
Dávid Vadnai, worship leader in the youth group at Hungarian Free Christian Fellowship in Budapest, Hungary, commented on the Youth Group Leader training Len conducted:
I think your teaching is so essential. And it's incredible that many churches don't teach anything about it. The basis of it is sharing Jesus with others and then making them disciples. And the goal is multiplication. I think everybody can start a Life Transformation Group (LTG).
Dimitar Terziyski, a pastor in Plovdiv, Bulgaria commented regarding the training Len conducted with him:

The time we spent together was very precious to me because:
I was very encouraged by the fact that in you I saw someone like-minded about the church and the ministry. In Bulgaria I do not have anyone to be of one mind with apart from my family.
Before I thought evangelizing as different/separate from discipleship. But after your sharing, God let me see in Mat.28:19 that evangelizing is part of discipleship, and we cannot separate one from the other.

God sent you right on time, because through you He showed me that I had diverted myself from spending the necessary time for discipleship in the organized events to reach the unbelievers. Therefore I formed a group of people for sharing and training in which our children participate, too. We are gathering at our home every Thursday. And every Sunday we meet with the new believers in our church.

God helped me to understand why in the congregation of the churches in Bulgaria we have a mass of people that cannot be led. It is because the “method of adding people” to the congregation that we use is biblical, but is characteristic of the time of revival in Acts 2:47.
Vilmos Kui, an elder of Hungarian Free Christian Fellowship in Budapest, Hungary, commented after the leadership training Len conducted with him:
Our nation, including the Hungarian church, needs encouragement. There are so many people without faith - I see them in my [circle of influence].  Thank you for remaining and serving further to our nation...I am so happy that you are [doing so].

Dávid Vadnai, worship leader in the youth group at Hungarian Free Christian Fellowship in Budapest, Hungary, commented on the equipping he received from Len:  

The Lord has been changing my life, I’m getting closer to the Lord Jesus, and I’m worshiping him more and responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  I have seen the fruit of it in my life. It’s cool!


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